Events Transform Inmates into Believers

A philanthropist and evangelist, Rob Rienecker devotes his spare time to volunteering for Bill Glass Ministries, which is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He particularly is interested in the Champions for Life program, which started in 1972, because it allows him to hold regular seminars directed toward prisoners. Rob Rienecker talks to inmates about the Gospel in various prison systems across the country. Robert Rienecker and his fellow presenters, including musicians, athletes, and other entertainers, engage audience members through music and discussions such as the meaning of salvation.

Those wishing to volunteer in this crusade can choose from one of two options. The Weekend of Champions is an event that is held on a Friday and Saturday. As many as 10,000 inmates hear the evangelistic message. Besides this event, a Day of Champions is held on a Saturday. These events have seen almost half of the inmates accept Christ’s message.