About Robert Rienecker

Robert Rienecker has practiced a long history of athletic and sports achievement. Growing up in Northern California, he played Little League baseball, and in high school he became a dedicated tennis player. In college, Rienecker continued to play baseball as a catcher. He also continued to play competitive tennis and coached men’s varsity teams. Eventually Rienecker became an assistant tennis instructor on the staff of the legendary Dick Gould, whose men’s teams at Stanford won 17 NCAA championships.

More recently, Robert Rienecker has taken up golfing. He does not compete in a league, but he has polished his game to achieve single-digit handicap. Now a resident of South Florida, Rienecker has played the Blue Monster at Doral’s Golf Resort in Miami and TPC at Sawgrass near Ponte Vedra Beach, Jacksonville. He enjoys vacationing and relaxing in Hawaii and California, to be challenged by the renowned courses, such as Pebble Beach and Mauna Kea.

Robert Rienecker devotes most of his time and energy to the Christian missions of Truth in Action, Compassion International, and Bill Glass Ministries, Consistent with his interest in bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to prison inmates and others in spiritual need, he devotes much of his pleasure reading to an exploration of contemporary reformed theology. He favors the books of such authors as Ravi Zacharias, William J. Federer, and Dr. Peter Lillback. For pleasure, Robert Rienecker turns to books by Tom Clancy and John Grisham.

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